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ABC Engines

Since 1912, Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) has been manufacturing semi-slow diesel/HFO, H2, and dual-fuel (diesel + gas) engines operating at speeds ranging from 600 to 1000 rpm, within the power range of 800 to 10400 kW.

ABC provides solutions for projects ranging from isolated groups to independent thermal & hybrid turnkey power plants (<70 MW). Less fuel, fewer spare parts, and lower maintenance are achieved compared to high-speed engines!

ABC Contracting

Founded in 1926, ABC CONTRACTING is a major player in the turnkey projects sector of the energy industry in Africa (EPC: Engineering, Procurement & Construction).

Hydro Electric Power Plants

  • Sinelac (Rusizi 2)
  • Mukungwa Hydro Power Plant
  • Rusumo Power Plant 80 MW

Power distribution

  • Electrical Networks (Medium/Low Voltage Lines, Substations and Transformers, Connections to Residences, etc.) |Rural Electirfication | SCADA

  • 30 kV lines and Low Voltage (Mukungwa and Rugezi)